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Year after year, of the most frequently cited OSHA violations- FALLS are still the highest cited violation in the USA today. Taken from OSHA's fiscal year 2017

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A truly excellent safety feature - two independent triggering systems that provide
quick braking action. In the event of a fall, a speed activated centrifugal roller will
force the cam to engage the rope. This new breaking system also ensures that the
rope grab will lock on the lifeline regardless if the cam lever is held in
an open position.


Same as the FALL SAFE SAF58/2 (above) but with a handy park feature that allows the rope grab to be locked into place on the lifeline.
This feature prevents downward creep and insures that the GRAB is always in a parked position. 5/8in. three strand rope.
Automatic locking system. Gravity lock to prevent upside down installation. Breech loading and Stainless steel construction.

FALL SAFE Easyclimb™ 516/2L

Cable Grab. For 5/16" (8mm) cable or special orders 3/8" cable grab available Can be used when rope is a hazard ( welding cutting etc. )
Most times this unit is used for fixed ladder Systems.
This unit works well inside or outdoor conditions.
Easyclimb™ Allows a Trouble Free Climb.
All Stainless steel construction with a zinc plated carabiner.


Two in One - Rope Grab: This unique rope grab can work on 5/8" and ½" rope. It's rugged design allows a smooth climb.
Construction - Roofing - Window Washing - Building Maintenance - High Grade Zinc Plated Steel

Stainless Steel Rope Grab for 5/8" rope.

One of the most popular grabs for window washing boston chair and sky lift work.

We can supply all your rope needs in pre-cut lengths.
Sample Price: - 25' feet 3 strand twist 5/8" meets OSHA, ANSI and C.S.A.
Polysteel complete with eye thimble, double locking snap hook and carabiner.

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