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Year after year, of the most frequently cited OSHA violations- FALLS are still the highest cited violation in the USA today. Taken from OSHA's fiscal year 2017

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Horizontal Lifelines are generally installed at or above head height to reduce the possibility of a long fall. However, this is not always possible, with the right formula we can legally install at feet level. For more information see our video click here

Horizontal Lifelines For:

Small retractable lanyard, weights only 1.1 lb
1.2 M webbing lightest unit on the market, perfect for attaching to the harness, no dragging lanyard loop, only have out what you need.
Tested to meet OHSA, ANSI and CSA standards.

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Horizontal Cable or Rail for Truck or Railcar Loading
We can - supply - design - engineer and train for a complete turnkey operation for all your vehicle maintenance and loading application both indoor or outdoors.
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Invisible Rail Track for inside window cleaning and maintenance. That's right fall protection in buildings were you do not need to see fall protection systems. Easily accessible for maintenance yet invisible to the public. If you’re looking for fall protection in high visible public areas, then talk to us we know how.
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Easy Climb© - Ladder Cable Fall Protection.
You tell us your ladder size and we supply all the parts and information for an Easy Climb© ladder installation system. Easy to install with only two 3/8" wrenches.
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EasyClimb© - Ladder cable Fall Protection.

This cable system is the smoothest climbing system on the market. The sleeve travels with easy on the cable. You tell us your ladder size and we will supply everything else.
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Light weight ladder climbing harnesses.
One size fits most.
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Tactical to Practical Harnesses,we can met all you needs
Most harnesses are a one size fits most.
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Retractable Lifelines. All sizes and all applications
8'ft to 100' ft. units
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Rope and Cable Grabs

controlled descent device is designed for rapid self-rescue or emergency egress of multiple users from heights. Applications include overhead cranes, towers, buildings, bucket trucks and any other tall structure which may require an alternate means of escape
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Ascent/Descent System Raise and Lowering Device
For confined space or rescue. Both the operator and an outside worker can operate this system. The unique design allows the user to travel in a down mode with the minimum amount of pressure on the rope, to raise it has a 3: to 1: ratio lift.
Everything for confined Space Rescue

Rescue Confinded Sapce

Confined Space Entry and Rescue Tripod.

Material Handling Blocks

Rescue Cradles

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