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Regarding Lanyards and hooks.

Up until the 1970's most lanyards were made of rope with a snap hook on each end.
Then worker's safety groups started to realize that even when a worker was tie-off with a rope lanyard they were still getting injured in a fall, which was due to the sudden stop after a lanyard arrested the fall, in fact is some cases the injury was bad enough to declare the worker completely unfit to work.

A means of cushioning the sudden stop was required, that introduced the shock absorber, one was a mechanical device made in Germany and the other was a tear away nylon webbing pack made in the UK and called the Zorba.

Even though the mechanical unit is still available today the main type of shock absorber is the tear away webbing pack. Since the mid 1970’s there has become many variations of the tear away pack but most use the same principal “something tears to absorb energy”, later another form of shock absorb came on the scene in the 1980’s and that was a tubular webbing that had a stretchable type of yarn in the middle that allow it to stretch and cushion or absorb energy while stopping a fall.

This tubular webbing is still use today but not preferred by myself as it has a tediously to stretch prematurely and I see when visiting work sites, employees walking around with extra long lanyards that have become stretched not due to to a fall but, due to tug and pull types of operations.

The webbing lanyard is now the most commonly used lanyard on the market today and that, is mainly due to cost and better weariblity over rope. Call us for more information
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