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Year after year, of the most frequently cited OSHA violations- FALLS are still the highest cited violation in the USA today. Taken from OSHA's fiscal year 2017

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"EASYCLIMB™" by FALLSAFE over 35 years of fall protection experience.

Ladder Harness
ladder safety
We can supply all you Ladder safety needs.

At an affordable price!

Ladder Tower
ladder safety
The safety cable can be attached to the left, center or right of the ladder.

which can help to keep the climb area clear.

Ladder Assembly

Here is what we ship when you order a ladder or tower fall protection system.

Top Bracket
ladder safety
Assembly Includes Load dampener and vibration harmonic reducer
CABLE Galv. or Stainless
ladder safety
8mm galv. aircraft steel wire cable.
Easyclimb™ Sleeve
ladder safety
"EASYCLIMB™" 100% Stainless steel cable sleeve grab with anti gravity lock. Can be put on or off at any point of the ladder.
Attachment hook
ladder safety
Carabiner steel hook with auto lock opening gate.
Including Connecting Hardware
ladder safety
Including all attachment hardware, allows you to adjust to fit most ladders.
Bottom Bracket Assembly
ladder safety
Bottom bracket assembly with a cable tensioner that will open in the event of high side loading ( a new OSHA requirement), this is to stop the possibly of damaging the top anchor bracket assembly.
6' ft. Top Bracket Assembly
ladder safety
Six foot top bracket assembly to allow the climber an extenion to exit in a safe zone above the ladder

We challenge anyone to offer all this equipment for less

Tested to meets - ANSI - OSHA - CSA standards for ladder and tower fall protection.

e-mail for more options

ladder safety

Top and bottom assembly comes powder coated or galvanized, your choice

*We can also provide installation and engineering at your location..


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