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FALLSAFE.NETŪ, Our division, now offers the services to support our engineered fall protection systems. These services include initial site assessment, project engineering, design (PE) engineering, certified system installation, end user training and inspection/re-certifications. The services will allow us to provide our customers with a turnkey solution to your fall protection requirements.

Initial site assessment

During this initial site assessment, one of our fall protection specialists will review your facility to identify your particular fall protection exposures. Our intent will be to define the scope of your project so we can proceed on to the next phase, project engineering.

Project engineering

The project engineering will allow us to recommend the best solution or product to address your specific fall protection exposures. This effort will result in a fall protection proposal being submitted to you per these recommendations.

Design (PE) engineering

Since we are offering an engineered solution to your fall protection exposures, we will have a professional engineer (PE) review the design of our recommended system to ensure that it meets or exceeds all local and federal legislative requirements.

Certified system installation

FALLSAFE.NETŪ offers a full line of certified installation options: 1) turnkey, 2) supervised and 3) customer or end user installed. In each option, FALLSAFE.NETŪ will inspect and certify the systems for use once the user training has been completed.

End user training

As part of the engineered system package, FALLSAFE.NETŪ will provide a two part end user training session, classroom and on-site. This end user training is essential and will be required before the systems are certified for use.


Whether the system has been impacted due to a fall or because the annual inspection is required (OSHA requires inspection by a competent person on intervals of no more than one year), FALLSAFE.NETŪ will provide the inspection/re-certification services required for our systems.

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