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Year after year, of the most frequently cited OSHA violations- FALLS are still the highest cited violation in the USA today. Taken from OSHA's fiscal year 2017


Retractable Lifelines and Lanyards. A word of caution regarding using Self-Retractable-Lifelines (SRL)also referred to as Safety Blocks. Many users have a tendency to move too far from the anchor point of their retractable lifeline or lanyard, this can be considered a hazardous condition due to a problem called swing-fall or pendulum-fall.

There is a formula for horizontal movement within a safe-zone of 30 degrees, always be aware of this zone and never move outside this area as you could suffer injury or even death if a fall occurs.

This graph will help you underdstand your safe-zone while using an SRL or lanyard. If you need to move more on the horizontal then you should consider a Horizontal Lifelines (HLL) you can click here for more information on HLL's

There is more to retractable lifelines that should be considered when purchasing these units, factors such as work coniditions, environment and the type of use will deterime the optimum unit that will best suit your needs.

If you have any questions please call us or email and we will be glad to give you the pros-and-cons of each type of unit to help you make a better choice.

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